Working Methods

The first step begins with the idea of our costumer, he brings us a drawing of a chandelier and we develop all the aspects making a sample of each lighting fixture, once developed in the sample, we send for the approval of our costumer. After that process, the production department takes the responsibility and manufacture each piece, following all the steps of the production, taking care of all details.


Brass and crystal lighting, produces all light fixtures combining traditional methods and the advantages of the latest technology.
We are proud to have the expertise of our craftsmen to ensure that each piece of lighting is completed to meet our costumers feelings using the skills of our production team.


We make shipments to any part of the world, we work with different shipping companies to ensure that all orders will arrive at the expected date according to the schedule of our costumer

Due towe manufacture bespoke lighting , we combine different types of packaging to ensure the highest safety of the product.